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About Us
SIGN A RAMA Honolulu

SIGN A RAMA Honolulu is your full service shop for signs in Hawaii. We use the latest technology and highest quality products to produce custom signs, banners and graphics for your business. 


We are conveniently located across the street from Ala Moana Shopping Center at 510 Piikoi St. W115. Click on Map for directions. 

What's In The News

Signs Are Effective

Your sign is an integral part of your advertising program along with the other forms of commercial communication such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and billboards.

There are four basic criteria used to judge the effectiveness of these advertising media: (1) coverage of the trade area, (2) repetition of a message, (3) readership of a message, and (4) cost per thousand exposures of a message. Two other criteria important for the small business owner are (5) availability and (6) ease of use. Let's see how signs measure up to the above criteria.


1. Signs are oriented to your trade area. Signs do not waste your resources by requiring you to pay for wasted advertising coverage. The people who see your sign are the people who live in your trade area.


2. Signs are always on the job repeating your message to potential customers. Your on-premise sign communicates to potential customers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, week after week, month after month, year after year. Every time people pass your business establishment they see your sign. The mere repetition of the message will help them remember your business.


3. Nearly everyone reads signs. Signs are practical to use for nearly everyone is used to looking at signs and using signs, even small children. Studies have shown that people do read and remember what is on signs. When special items are displayed, sales increase for these particular items within the store.


4. Signs are inexpensive. When compared to the cost of advertising in some other media, the on-premise sign is very inexpensive. The cost-per-thousand-exposures for various media in a given type of community is maximized with signs. Unless your trade area encompasses an entire city or region where you must rely upon broad based media coverage, there is no better advertising dollar value than your on-premise sign.


5. Signs are available to each and every shop owner. There is no need to schedule the use of your sign. Your sign is available to you whenever you need it and to be used however you please.


6. Signs are easy to use. No special skills or resources are needed to operate a sign once it has been installed. If it is an illuminated sign, all you need to do is flip the switch and that may not be necessary with timing equipment. Once the initial expenditures are made no special resources or professional services are needed. You need only operate and maintain your sign.



What's Hot - Banner Stands with Graphics
What's Hot - Banner Stands with Graphics

Banners & Banner Stands

Custom banners and banner stands are some of the most popular and versatile signs we make for our customers. Whether it’s a directional sign for a weekend festival, a sponsorship sign to last an entire baseball season, a reusable banner to hang over a street each year, or even a temporary business sign on a new store, our custom banners help people convey information, without the need and cost of a permanent sign.

Custom banners can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re made with durable all-weather materials, so they can stand up to the hottest summers and coldest winters. Many banners are designed with relief holes so they can be used in a windy setting without being destroyed by overly-strong winds.

The printing technology available at SIGNARAMA lets us create custom banners you’ll be pleased to use indoors as well. Banners are often used inside conference hotels or to advertise open houses at high-end homes. SIGNARAMA’s high quality printing will help you avoid the “typical” cut vinyl banner look from 20 years ago.

The materials for our custom banners use the latest vinyl and fabric manufacturing technology. Your custom banners can be made with regular vinyl, flexible polycarbonate, nylon fabric, and flex-face material. Some of these materials are stiffer than regular vinyl, which means they can last longer than vinyl. This advancement lets you use your banner in a more permanent setting.

When designing your custom banner and choosing its substrate material, keep in mind where the banner will hang and for how long. If the banner will hang outside, check the weather patterns and typical wind speeds. Determine whether it will be reused year-after-year, used many times in a year, or if it’s a one-and-done application. All of these insights will help you pick the best substrate for your banner.

SIGNARAMA professionals can help guide you through the process of vinyl banner creation, from materials to design. Enlist the pros at Sign A Rama to see which options are the best for your new banner/banner stand.

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